Have you ever heard a song that completely changed you? I remember years ago on Radio1 before Clara Amfo before Ferne Cotton there was Jo Whiley. Jo used to have this weekly part of her show called Changing Tracks. And it was a listener writing to her (or email) about how listening to one song … More hope 

lets be calm

When my anxiety first got really bad I was an uncontrollable disaster. I couldn’t go anywhere, I would freak out walking to work and have panic attacks in the park. My physical symptoms are my hands shake and sometimes I start to scratch my hand till it has bled. When I feel the panic come on I … More lets be calm

it all takes time

Since moving back home I really wanted to just give myself some time to heal, learn from things that I have experienced over the past few months and hopefully grow as a person. I wanted to take a step back and learn to just breathe. This break up hasn’t been the easiest for me. In fact it … More it all takes time

why so negative?

We are a generation who are quick to judge. Maybe its down to the media or maybe its just who we have become. We can look at people and just immediately write them off on what we see. This is something I’m witnessing more and more. I have even caught myself doing it. Why do … More why so negative?