lets plan happiness!

Few months ago I was scrolling through my Instagram and on the page where it shows you insta accounts you might be interested in I came across The Happiness Planner. Now I am a sucker for stationary and organisers so I was already liking the sound of a planner but what I was most curious about was the Happiness part.

Focus on what makes you happy is the goal that The Happiness Planner wishes to achieve. And boy do they achieve it.

As soon as I seen it on Instagram I purchased one straight away, I did have to wait till more were made so it was a few weeks later till I received mine. The packaging alone told me that this company take a lot of thought and care into their products. Inside this mint box was the most beautiful planner I had ever seen, mint green and rose gold. Along with the planner was a few rose gold paper clips and some lists of goals you fill in for you to achieve. As this was a mid year planner it doesn’t start till July and lasts right through to June next year.

The first couple of pages are filled with inspirational quotes, what the purpose of the happiness planner is. One thing you done was create a happiness roadmap which I found really interesting to do, as someone who is very critical about myself here I am having to list things about myself. Things from what my dreams are to listing what I have overcame. It was quite eye opening for me to see what I disliked about myself to the things I did actually like.

The start of each month is a plan where you will put your goals in your personal life to goals in your work life, things your excited about for the month ahead along with a list of happy things you will do. I loved this idea to help kick start each month with a sort of positive vibe. For me to help keep my positivity going I like to have something to look forward to so writing them down and seeing what I have coming that month really helps me to see that I do actually have some sort of a life. Even if it is just girls night in one weekend at least its something.

Each day has a page dedicated to it with its own little inspirational quote, who doesn’t love an inspirational quote?! I know I do. Your day is made into sections for you to write in. I always start with what I’m excited for today cause that already has me thinking on what I have to look forward to, again it can be anything that would give you that little bit of happiness for the day. Sometimes mine can be the drive home after work listening to my music or planning on reading my book in the bath with a lush bath bomb that evening. There’s a small section for you to write what your main focus for that day is, mine is quite often to not let the small things get to me. You also have sections you can fill out for meals, any exercise you have done, to-do list, what’s your schedule for that day, notes for you to scribble in and there is also sections for you to write the good things that happened today and what you hope for tomorrow. The last 2 sections are what I fill in at night, it helps me to look back at the day and pin point events that happened where I was happy so I write it down and then I think about what I hope the next day could have in store for me even if it is just a good day at work.

At the end of each month is a little reflection page where you look back at your mood and your feelings, things you overcame, what you struggled with, what you learned. It’s a good way to finish each month off and can help you see what you would want to focus on more for the next month.

The love I have for this planner is beyond the words that I have attempted to type into this post. For someone who struggles with her own happiness and can have this negative cloud over her head this has defiantly helped me look at things on a more positive side. I enjoy planning my day and writing down the little things that make me happy even if it is just a text that made me smile. This is part of my daily routine and like I have said numerous times in this post I LOVE it.

You can check out their website https://uk.thehappinessplanner.com/


I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thanks for reading

much love






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