plus one?!

One thing I wanted to chat about was relationships. I suck at them. I’m 27 years old and I am still baffled on how mens brains work. I’m sure they feel the same about us females.

Growing up there was alot of cheating and lying that it did leave a mark on how I looked at relationships. I never understood that if you loved this person as much as you said you did then why cause them so much hurt?! Why promise them you will love them forever then leave them?! I had a lot of hurt and upset emotions that in my eyes related to love and relationships. Trust for me was something very precious and it was something that took alot of time for someone to gain with me.

I never really had much interest in guys when I was a teenager, I was a lonely shut in till I was about 18 then I started to go out and have a bit of a socail life so up until then I didnt know much about flirting or really anything with the male species haha. When the first guy ever gave me attention I had no idea, that when he gave me his number I thought it was a piece of rubbish. I did end up giving him a chance which ended rather quickly, he then was given way too many more chances but eventually I seen the light and stopped. The funny thing is he is actually now one of my closest mates, he is always there for me, we are always giving each other advice on life or potential love interests.

In my early twenties there was a few heartbreakers, few that didnt really mean much to me as I was young and didnt care then there were the small amount that confused my little head so much with the months of hearing nothing then out of the blue you got the ‘Hi x’ text. And I was that fool that text hey back! Why I did that I have no idea, but you will be pleased to read that I did finally stop texting back and they did eventually get the hint.

My only proper serious relationship was the one that ended last year, I loved him so much. We knew each other since we were 18, briefly dated at 19 and then got back together at 24. We had our ups and our downs but the love we had for each other was huge. When I started to fall ill last year the relationship started to break. We tried our best to keep it together but our best wasnt good enough and we sunk. The break up was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through but I knew it was for the best for both of us.

Now I feel like the single game is a whole new world, it seems like its all social media. From match, plenty of fish to tinder I have no clue what I’m doing haha. I havent signed up as I dont feel ready for that kind of set up yet. Being older I feel I’m not looking for same thing as I would have when I was younger. Would be nice just to find someone who can accept my flaws and still like me, someone that I can trust and be myself with, who can pick me up when I’m low and bring a smile to my face. This part of my life is all new, I don’t know what’s round the corner and I’m quite excited!

Would you like to hear any updates from the dating scene?

Thanks for reading

Much Love




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