colourful magical spellbound

I LOVE a good book!

I’m not a fast reader but if you have gripped my attention I will soon become sucked into the pages. I love being whisked off into a book, its a great way of escaping the real world and forgetting all your worries. This year I set myself the goal of reading more. Now I must say that I have been pretty good with this goal, I do get waves of ‘I must watch everything on netflix’ but like all waves I do eventually crash.

This year so far I have read 6 books, that’s good for me considering it would maybe be one book every 2 years. So I’m pretty pleased with myself that I thought of another goal to set myself. I can’t believe I am going to say this but I have never read ALL the Harry Potter books. Seen all the films and loved them but I have not read all the books. I remember being in primary school when the first book The Philosophers Stone came out and we read it in class then the second one The Chamber of Secrets and that was it. I may have read a few pages of the third the Prisoner of Azkaban but I never read it all. So I figured thats my new goal, I’m going to read all of the Harry Potter books. But first I needed to buy them.

I went onto the worldwide web and searched for a set. I didnt want just the paper backs you can get for about £5 each no no no. I wanted hardback with adult illustrations on the cover. I was being very picky, it took me a good few days but I found them. And what a beautiful set they are. They were in this hard box that opens up at the top to reveal a rainbow of perfection.


The bookworm in me is giddy with excitement over these books. Each brightly coloured spine and the pop of bold colour for the book titles against the talented Andrew Davidson’s black and white illustrations. Stunning!


I am going to take my time with these babies, they are too precious to just speed read through.

Is there a set of books that you read and couldn’t put down? are you like me and a sucker for packaging? comment below and let me know.

Thank you for reading

Much Love






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