As I have spoken about in previous posts I do suffer with depression and anxiety. The start of this year it pretty much controlled, I was in complete darkness, I lost everything and could no longer see any light. I knew I needed to sort myself out and get out of this rut. I needed a goal, I needed something to look forward to, so booking the holiday to California gave me something to work towards. One thing I needed to work on was my confidence and self esteem. So here is some ways that have helped me along the way.

I passed my driving test about 2 years ago and after I passed I didn’t drive much. My boyfriend at the time done most the driving that when we split up at the end of last year I had to learn all the things about the car we had. Cleo our little sassy black Clio (how original I know) was in my name so it ment that she came with me. Now my parents don’t live in the town I work or lived in so this ment I would be driving to work. I wasn’t the most confident at driving as I never really got the chance to improve my skills. So over the past couple of months I have been going out a lot more and slowly I could feel my confidence with Cleo growing and now I feel like an actual driver. I still set myself little challenges like reverse park (which I hate) for a whole week/ month, dont always go for the easy option. There is still things I feel I can improve on and I need more practise in but I know I will get there. Seeing this little improvement in myself helped me gain that bit more confident in myself.

Doing things that would normally have me feel uncomfortable was something I knew I needed to do more often so when one the girls I work with invited me out with some of her friends for drinks and dancing I pushed myself to say yes! Getting ready to go out my stomach was doing flips but my friend from work knew what I was like so that helped me feel bit more comfortable. We went to her friend’s house where I knew no one and they all knew each other which made me feel a bit self conscious but I made small talk and before I knew it we were all laughing and chatting away. We had drinks then headed up town to dance the night away and you know what?! I had one of the BEST nights I had in a long time. It was my first proper girls night out since being single, I had such a giggle and was 100% myself.

Another thing I felt needed to be done was being honest and confronting people from my past. I met up with 2 old friends and explained how they used to make me (and my other friends) feel, that alone was like a huge weight had been lifted. It felt like I was finally getting closure and it felt good.

These are only little steps but they were giant leaps to me and they helped me immensely. I keep up with meditation and do it at least once a day sometimes I try twice but if I can get one session done then I’m happy. I have my happiness planner which has been an incredible help for me to focus on even the smallest improvements.

Things can only get better from here

Thanks for reading.

Much Love






2 thoughts on “improvement

  1. This post is so inspirational. Taking little steps every day can make so much difference in the future. It’s not easy letting yourself out there but it’s really important for growing as a person. I’m pretty shay so I try to challenge myself to do as many things that are out of my comfort zone a I can.
    Lot’s of love! xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

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