little light

One evening few months back my mum had mentioned that she was thinking about throwing one of these events where you raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Over the past few years Macmillan have had numerous different ways you can raise money from coffee mornings to sleepovers.

Summer Lights was a new one for Macmillan, its aim was to celebrate the people that light up your life. You invite your friends and family, decorate the house or garden for the event with candles and fairy lights, put out some drinks and nibbles for the party and have a good time.

When my mum told my stepdad about it he said “sign us up” mum was worried about the garden not ‘being ready for guests’, bless her. But signing up for it gave them both a deadline to get the garden all done up in good time. When the pack game through the door it came with party game suggestions, paper sand lanterns (paper lantern you fill with sand and pop a candle in) and a donation box for guests to put in their donations into.

Throughout the 2 months every weekend (if weather was decent enough, it is the north east of Scotland we live in) they were out in that garden getting it all spruced up. My stepdad created a bar in the sun house and he sorted the pond out, even bought new fishys, little baby koi fish. They are super cute. My mum was stock piling on garden lights, she was so funny everytime she seen some garden fairy lights she was drawn to them like a magpie and something shiney. By the end of this week all the lights were up and fully charged from the sun (yes, we did get some sun). The fridge was stocked up with food and the bar was bursting with drink.

This weekend (Saturday 25th June) was the day everyone was to throw their Summer Lights, ours kicked off at 8pm. After a long day at work I had to go pick up a sister (I have 3 Stepsisters but we just call each other sista) along with her friend then head home to party headquarters. By the time I got myself showered, dressed and put some make up on my face the garden was already filling up with folk.


That’s when my anxiety and panic came creeping in, my mum and stepdad had invited over 50 people to this event and holy toot I didn’t know many of them. After about an hour of just being in my room watching everyone from my window like a creep, my oldest sister came and got me. with a bit of encouragement from her I made it down the stairs and into the garden. My stepdad managed the bar and made me a rather large G&T which defiantly helped calm me down a bit. We had a bbq on the go with burgers, chicken wings and sausages. There was a table full of food. Party music was blaring with classics from Billy Idol, Simple Minds, Bowie, Bryan Adams, so much music. As it got darker the lights truly sparkled. I stayed up and socialised till about half 1 when my bed was starting to call for me. The party continued till half 4 this morning, I seriously cant keep up with these village folk!


In total so far my mum and stepdad have raised £450 to go to Macmillan Cancer Support they are very happy with the result. The amount of time and effort they put in together for everyone to have a good time was fantastic. It was such a great idea to bring people together and raise a bit money and have a good time. If you aren’t aware of what Macmillan do they are exactly what they say they do, they give support to cancer sufferers. They are their to help them with anything, from work to money worries, to just being there for someone to talk to. I have known a few people who have lost their battle to the terrible C and the support Macmillan have given to the family that’s been left behind is truly amazing.

If you would be interested on doing anything to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support just click here and see what you can do.

Thanks for reading. I have uploaded some snaps below of the party.






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