Have you ever heard a song that completely changed you?

I remember years ago on Radio1 before Clara Amfo before Ferne Cotton there was Jo Whiley. Jo used to have this weekly part of her show called Changing Tracks. And it was a listener writing to her (or email) about how listening to one song had completely changed their lives. She would then play that track for you to listen to. I used to listen so intently to the lyrics after hearing about how this person had been feeling I could see how that song made a strong impact to them.

One evening not long after moving back home, I was sat in my old bedroom with my music on shuffle mopping about lying on bed taking it all in. Then this song came on from one of my favourite bands and I remember thinking back to Jo Whileys show with changing tracks, I knew that this song was mine.

From the start of the song I felt wow this sums up everything I am feeling right now. My life hadn’t gone the way I thought it was going to and I felt lost. But I hadn’t lost all faith in myself, I told myself that things will get better. I knew that even in my darkest moments there is that little bit of light “it’s just a spark but it’s enough to keep me going” and my god it’s right. Things happen in life that we can’t control but you have to let these things happen in order for us to grow. We all have that bit of light inside of us and it will get brighter.

So it’s time to let this spark shine bright! I booked my holiday to LA with one of my besties. Changed up my lifestyle, started saying yes to things that aren’t normally in my comfort zone. I’m working on old and new friendships and relationships with family members. Gone back to being vegetarian and getting healthier and fitter. I even went and got myself a new tattoo. I still have a long way to go, whenever I get a low point I turn my track on and tell myself that it takes time but I am doing good. I have that hope inside me that everything will work out the way it should.


^My new tattoo, is on my back just below my neck^

Paramore you have always been my favourite and thanks to you for giving me that ‘last hope’.

My changing track is Last Hope by the amazing Paramore!

Thanks for reading

Lots of love





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