and now for something different

I did mention a few posts back that I been thinking on dipping my toes into other genres of posts. I been thinking about ways I could maybe expand this little site of mine. Instead of rambling on about life lessons and all that maybe I would try some beauty and other topics.

So bare with me, its my first beauty post. Taaaa Daaaa!!!


Few years back in my early twenties I started to get spots, not just any sorta white or black head spots. We are talking full blown acne, it was sore, red and very sensitive. I had been back and forth to my drs trying numerous lotions and potions to going onto antibiotics and nothing was helping. Then we changed my pill, I had gone from Microgynon to Marvellon and I started noticing little improvements. Less of the sore breakouts, less sensitivity. I thought wow maybe this is me on the right track, maybe it was my hormones.

So I thought from all the topical treatments I had tried on my skin being ones that you can buy in the shops to ones that can only be prescribed they couldn’t have been that great for my skin.Seen as my skin was slowly getting better I didn’t want anything that was going to make my skin any worse, I wanted to find a good skin care routine with products that have no harsh chemicals in them.

Then I met Liz Earle! (products not actual Liz Earle, although that would be awesome!) When I heard about this wonder product called the hot cloth cleanse and polish I’m not gonna lie, I was intrigued. You apply the product all over your face in circular motions in the morning and at night. If you have make up on and going to remove it apply the cleanser on top and watch it melt away the day (I get serious panda eyes washing away the mascara haha). The polish part is the muslin cloth which you get with the cleanser and you use it to clean (polish) your face with and remove the product. I read up on all the Liz Earle products it ticked a lot of boxes for me its made with natural active ingredients, its cruelty free so its not tested on animals, its reasonably priced, there’s a simple 3 step routine and reviews on the products were 5+.

Since first hearing about the wonder woman and her team about 4 years ago I have continued to use Liz Earle on my skin and my god my skin is looking super healthy. The products are lovely and luxurious on the skin, every morning and evening feels like a pamper. And they smell amazing! I even have my mum converted.


So every morning and evening I use the products pictured above. I use my Cleanse and Polish which wakes my skin with its essential oils but its also quite moisturising with the cocoa butter so my skin isn’t left feeling tight and dry. I follow up with the Instant Boost Skin Tonic, its full of lovely smelling plant goodness. My skin feels refreshed when I use this, I even have it in a handy travel spray for my holidays. The SuperSkin Eye Cream is a new little addition to my regime. I got it free with my recent order and I always worry about my eye area getting old and wrinkly so this was a bonus. Its very gentle on the skin doesn’t irritate my skin as that can be a sensitive little patch. Lastly I finish off with the Skin Repair Light Moisturiser. You can go for a normal thicker moisturiser but I feel the lighter one is perfect for this time of year. I tend to go for a thicker cream in the winter. It smells amazing and is once again filled with natural goodness.

They make sure that they cater to all skin types, they even offer fragrance free products for the super sensitive skin types. What I love about this range is I know I’m not using any harsh chemical that’s gonna dry out my skin and damage it. My skin loves it, you honestly wouldn’t have known that I had Acne. Redness has gone, sensitivity has gone and now I hardly break out. I get compliments from my family on how healthy my skin is. I do other things to help along the way like eat healthy and drink plenty water but I do believe in a good skin care regime and mine is Liz Earle.

You can check out all the Liz Earle products by clicking here.


When I fancy adding a little extra to my skin care I usually go for one of these bad boys. I like to use a scrub once – twice a week and the one I am currently using is the Boots Botanics Purifying Face Scrub it is paraben free, natural ingredients and is also not tested on animals. Its a lovely scrub, not too harsh and abrasive to the skin and doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight and dry after. I also use a face mask twice a week usually one day during the week and once in the weekend. I am using epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask, epoch is a range of products from the brand NuSkin which my friend promotes and sells. This mask is honestly amazing you can use it for the face and body, a little goes along way. Its very fluidy (if that’s even a word) and when it starts to dry on the skin you get dark dots appearing from it drawing out all the nastys that’s in your pores. If your a sucker for a pore strip and then looking what’s come out your pores (who doesn’t love to see that, it shows its worked) then you will love this mask. Lastly the little pink pot is by an American brand called One Love Organics and its a microderma scrub called Brand New Day its a powder exfoliator that activates when you add a little water. So you tip a little powder in the hand add a splash of water mix together to created this almost like light clay formula massage round your face in circular motions then rinse off. It can also be used as a mask. Its also cruelty free and made with natural ingredients. I actually got this product as a gift from my friend in America Crissy. She also has a blog you can check out here.

I hope you guys enjoyed this for my first beauty/ skincare post. Let me know your thoughts, I love to read the comments.

Thanks for reading.




6 thoughts on “and now for something different

  1. I am so glad you’ve been using the scrub I gave you!! I also love the Liz Earle cleanser and have repurchased it a couple of times. I recently have made the drastic change to only using an all natural/organic cleanser because of having a terrible time with breakouts. I will have to report on my blog once I notice a change! I loved reading this blog post! Keep up the great work!


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