lets go on vacay!!

When my relationship ended and I moved back home I felt super low. I was lonely, I didn’t feel like I could talk to anyone on what I was going through. I always thought that everyone has their own things going on in their lives and I didn’t want to bother anyone.

At the start of March I had a few days off my work to just clear my mind, gather my thoughts and just give myself some me time. One thing I did do was meet up with one of my colleagues in the afternoon and went to the cinema to see the film ‘How to be Single’ which was hilarious yet kinda inspiring. I realised that in my current situation I could do pretty much anything I wanted without having to worry about other things.

So after the film, I came home and I decided I needed a holiday. I haven’t been on holiday in about 4 years so I felt that I deserve a really good one this year. I got in touch with one of my closest friends who had moved to England and had become Single last year she also felt in a bit of a slump. She was up for coming along in an adventure, all we had to do was decide on our destination.

2 weeks later our flights are booked and the countdown is on. At the end of August we are off to Los Angeles! I cant wait for this holiday, it gets closer and closer. I keep googling places to go and things to do. And to make this holiday even better I finally get to meet my American friend who I met through blogging a few years ago.

This is me doing something I have always wanted to do, I’m going somewhere I never thought I would get the chance to go. I do worry about my anxieties getting control over me but I’m hoping that I will be able to handle them myself. With a little brain training and some meditation I should be fine. I’m not going to let it win and ruin my holiday.

Once again I feel like I’m reaching a new chapter in my life.  I’m hoping to maybe send the odd tweet and photos when I’m over there.

Thanks for reading




the image I used is from goggle


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