why so negative?

We are a generation who are quick to judge. Maybe its down to the media or maybe its just who we have become. We can look at people and just immediately write them off on what we see.

This is something I’m witnessing more and more. I have even caught myself doing it. Why do we do this to ourselves. Does it make us feel any better? Do we get any satisfaction on it?

I personally find myself getting nothing out of it. Whenever a bad thought comes creeping in, they are usually quite negative and I feel that, that can reflect on what kind of person you can be. I don’t want to be an unhappy negative person. I want to be the person that gives everyone a chance and looks at things from all perspectives and is happy with what they have.

So I’m trying to sprinkle a little positivity onto that negativity. Even if someone else says something I want to be able to just say a positive thought on it. When a family member says a negative comment on a neighbour or a friend I have just asked if whatever this person is doing in their own lives does it have any personal affect on you?! Majority of the time it doesn’t. Let them live their own lives. Its like the saying if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it.

There have been times where I have had a negative thought towards someone or something but I have held off from saying it. I start telling myself that what gives me the right to think that of this person or the situation. Do I really know this person enough for me to think this? Do I really know what’s actually happening in this situation? Most the time the answer is no.

Its time I stop these negative thoughts, I’m already making a little progress by not saying it. What I need to do is train the brain to be less negative and try to look at the bigger picture.

Truth is I feel I have no right to judge others, I would be hurt and upset if people judged me before even knowing me. I don’t like the negative part of me so I feel I have to change the way I think and look at things. By already learning a little bit on controlling my life I believe I can do this.

Lets always try and look at the positive and the good side of things, even in the dark times.

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