goodbye tears

Sorry I have been a little out of action the past few weeks, I’m not gonna lie its been a tough time that I just haven’t felt like blogging or doing anything really. I have spent most my time either at work or at home with parents trying to switch my brain off from any real life.

This week I officialy handed the keys back to the house I rented with my ex, it was a place I had planned to be a home for more than 2 years. A home that I had so much dreams and hopes for. It was sad seeing the place empty and bare. No sound of the animals running around, no music playing in the other rooms. Just still, silent and empty.  I felt lost and lonely. In a matter of months I have gone from mental breakdown, broken relationship, moving back home and missing my little saviours. I feel I need time to mourn this part of my life. I thought I had but when I put it all out there I realise I’m still grieving.

Its time for me to look after myself and take care of all those insecurities I have. Enjoy my life knowing that I have no real worries any more and enjoy my life.


The image below is the family cat Sox who mum and I got when my dad left us 15 years ago. She sadly passed away this week due to old age. She wasn’t just a cat she was a member of the family and she will be sadly missed.




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