sprinkling some happy vibes

I started reading blogger and youtuber Louise Pentlands book Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter, out of all of the big hit youtubers she is my fave and when she said she was bringing out a book I thought YES! when she started to show little snippets of what this book was gonna be like I thought YES! And she did not disappoint. It wasn’t a fictional story it was all her. The whole book was Louise throughout every blooming page. Even reading it in my head it felt like Louise was just chatting away to me, I loved it.

One thing I have always noticed in Louise’s youtube videos and you could tell in the book was that she is a positive and confident woman and that’s something I admire quite a bit. We all have that negative little voice in our head that fills us up with worry and self doubt, well after reading Louise’s book particularly the bit on body confidence I thought I need to turn off that little voice.

With my own mental health issues I haven’t been the most positive person to myself, when it comes to others I am bursting with positivity but when it comes to me I am my own worst enemy. I like to pick out all the things I don’t like about myself and worry about things that haven’t even happened yet. And I always will think of the worst in a situation. Even writing this down I think no wonder I been feeling low the way I been picking at myself.

So whenever a negative thought has popped into my head I have turned it around and thought of something positive. When I am in a low mood I can get snappy and quiet but instead I’m trying to just not snap and ask myself why am I feeling low? I then list all the good things that I have like a roof over my head, a steady job, a car, amazing friends, a supportive family. And it helps me to realise that things aren’t as bad as I seem to think.

pinkglasses JB

Body image is a huge thing for me. I’m small in height, small boobs, flat tummy, big bum and alright legs when I can be bothered to shave and tan them. The chapter on body image in Louise’s book defiantly made an impact on me. I would always want someone else’s toned legs, toned arms, little extra height, bit more boob, less bum. I always compared myself to someone else. And if I’m honest I don’t know why I did. It was that little voice creeping in making me not feel good enough. Well that voice can shove off. We are all made up of the same body parts we just been moulded differently and that’s what makes us us. I have learnt to love my bum and my stomach just the way they are. I’m learning to pick the parts I like about myself like, my eyes, my skin, my hair when we are having a good hair day. I am even learning to love my small boobs and my legs when they are shaved and tanned. Now that I am learning to gain that body confidence I am even dressing to my body shape and feeling less self conscious.

pinkglasses JB

Thank You Louise for being you and helping us women to love our body’s.

Thanks for reading



For a total boost in self confidence I wrote out some bits of Louise’s book on to post-it notes and have stuck them on my mirror so in the morning getting ready for the day I read them and I’m ready for the day!

postit JB




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