little brother

I have a younger brother, he is 13yrs old and he lives in England. He used to live with my dad when his mum and my dad were together but now they have split and he now stays with his mum. My dad also lives in England so he is only about a 15 minute drive from where my little bro lives.

My relationship with my brother is a weird one. I only really see him once maybe twice a year and I first met him when he was 3yrs old. I wasn’t allowed to meet him when he was a baby but that’s another story for another post. He has always been a happy kid whenever I seen him, we get along great when we see each other like brother and sister without any arguing. That when its time for either one of us to go home we can get pretty upset but unfortunately its always been this way and it sucks.

Littlebrother 2

When my dad and my brother came up to visit last he told me how he was getting picked on at school and he had been seeing a therapist at school. He would tell me his mum doesn’t understand how he feels and he finds it hard to talk to dad about it. I thought maybe our parents splitting might have had an affect on him. I explained to him the importance of talking about how your feeling and I told him about some of my dark moments too so he knew he wasn’t alone. When they left to go back home I felt a little closer to him knowing that he felt he could talk to me about this sort of thing.

This week I received a text from my brother saying he was feeling really down and depressed, he was too scared to tell his mum or our dad but he thought about suicide. It turned out the bullying was getting bad that he was being physically and emotionally abused. Kids were pushing and kicking him. They were calling him fat which he isn’t at all. They even told him to just go and kill himself cause his life is worthless. I hurt so much knowing that he was in so much pain and I felt hopeless being far away from him. I cant believe that kids can be so cruel. He is such a bright, happy boy and he was struggling.

I made him promise that he wouldn’t do anything like that again and said I was proud of him for not acting on the dark thoughts. I got as much information as I could from him, I was pleased that he reached out and even more that it was to me. I told him that I have had those dark thoughts before more than once but I couldn’t go through with it, yes it might sound like it will make things better but it wont. That’s you ending your story too soon when you still have lots of dreams to turn into reality and adventures to go on and make something of yourself.

I phoned my dad and explained what was going on and told him I would screen grab (thank you technology) our messages so he can see for himself. He sent the messages on to my stepmum so she could also be aware of how low our little dude was feeling. Few hours later I get a text from my brother saying thank you and his mum is going to the school to sort things out and is also going to take him to the doctors. His mum even messaged me later on (we don’t talk) saying thank you for everything I done.

People don’t realise how much words can affect a person. It can push and push that person to the point that they start to think maybe I am worthless?! I find that very upsetting. I know my issues aren’t caused by other people so to see it happening to my brother makes me sad to see that bullying is still a thing that it results in kids, teenagers and even adults questioning their existence and some do go through with the dark thoughts ending their life too early. littlebrother 1

If you know anyone that is being bullied or you are being bullied please speak up, tell someone and ask for help. Don’t think that you deserve it cause you don’t. You have a beautiful life so you show them bully’s that your not going to let them win and you live that beautiful life.



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2 thoughts on “little brother

  1. Hows your little brother doing now? I hope he’s doing better! I’m so glad he came to you and it’s nice that he feels like he can share things with you, thank god! Bullying is still so prevalent in schools and it really need to stop, why must people feel the need to be so mean! Hope your brother feels a bit more happier soon! 🙂

    Heather Xx

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, he had been to the doctors and is being referred to talk to someone. Think he feels like a weight has lifted from just talking about it. As for the bully’s I’m a huge believer in karma and one day it will get them xxxx


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