too much 

Today was my full day back at work and I struggled. My anxiety was really bad, my hands were shaking, I struggled to get my words out. I felt bad that I couldn’t speak to customers much but I was glad that I could be tucked away and just get on with my work. 

I did end up leaving an hour before I was ment to finish but it was mentioned by one of the managers that if I wanted to I could, so I did. I was drained by home time. 

I didn’t expect it to feel so overwhelming and mentally exhausting as it was. I was glad to get home in my safe little bubble and get cuddles from our puppy and cat. 

Tonight I have just chilled out watching Peaky Blinders with my boyfriend. I just had a lovely bubble bath and used my lush face mask so I feel very relaxed now. 

I’m now all cosied up ready to watch another episode of Peaky blinders just waiting on the boy to get home with our mcflurrys! 

Today even though it was difficult and tiring it was a good day. 




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