lets plan happiness!

Few months ago I was scrolling through my Instagram and on the page where it shows you insta accounts you might be interested in I came across The Happiness Planner. Now I am a sucker for stationary and organisers so I was already liking the sound of a planner but what I was most curious about was the … More lets plan happiness!

a little escape

Sometimes things can get a bit too much and I feel like my head is going to explode. My emotions can get a bit tangled up and I feel like screaming. Whenever I feel like this I go for a walk, I leave my phone at home grab my camera and either jump in my … More a little escape

plus one?!

One thing I wanted to chat about was relationships. I suck at them. I’m 27 years old and I am still baffled on how mens brains work. I’m sure they feel the same about us females. Growing up there was alot of cheating and lying that it did leave a mark on how I looked at … More plus one?!


As I have spoken about in previous posts I do suffer with depression and anxiety. The start of this year it pretty much controlled, I was in complete darkness, I lost everything and could no longer see any light. I knew I needed to sort myself out and get out of this rut. I needed a goal, I … More improvement


I cant believe its been 3 months since I last put up a post on here. I was feeling pretty low and uninspired. I realised that I was putting pressure on myself to produce good enough content on here from taking decent enough photos to even just taking part in twitter chats. It just felt like I wasnt … More time

little light

One evening few months back my mum had mentioned that she was thinking about throwing one of these events where you raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Over the past few years Macmillan have had numerous different ways you can raise money from coffee mornings to sleepovers. Summer Lights was a new one for Macmillan, … More little light